What is TRE®?

David Bercelli, a sociologist, bodyworker and international aid worker, developed this method after observing the effects of traumatic incidents in war torn regions of the world. He noticed that during intense events people exhibited a reflex of protection, a pulling in and contracting. He also noticed that young children would shake after big events while adults did not exhibit this shaking. He became curious about this discrepancy and started looking at research that had been done on wild animals. The research revealed that after stressful encounters (ie. almost being eaten by a predator!) animals exhibited shaking. He hypothesized that if animals had the capacity, we as humans must have the same capacity- that all mammals must have this potential. You may have experienced a form of mammalian shaking if you felt your voice quiver when nervous about speaking or felt your legs or hands shake after being startled. As adults we are socialized out of our natural tendency to shake off what we have taken on. However TRE® can help us to recover our capacity to keep ourselves well. The process is simple and consists of seven simple exercises which help fatigue the body’s muscular system just enough to support the possibility of surrender. You remain in control and the body gets to do it’s job- to release the tension and trauma of everyday life. Tuning into the message of your body, and learning what your body needs is at the heart of TRE®.

Aside from feeling empowered, most people leave a TRE® session with an increased reverence for their body’s natural intelligence & an increased sense of well-being. For more informtaion visit: trepdx.com


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