What massage clients have to say:

“I have been a client of Liz’s for 17 years.  She is an attentive, intuitive, compassionate and exceptional massage therapist.  I get many massages from spas throughout the year while vacationing and for special occasions with friends and family, but they never compare to the experience I have with Liz. She creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.  I always feel 100% comfortable and leave fully relaxed.  I treat myself to a massage with Liz every month; it’s by far the best thing I do for myself!”

“Thank you again. During the massage I was wondering if it would “really” help release some of that tension that I knew was there in my chest, upper back, neck and head. And like I’ve heard before, if you put a kettle of water on a flame, it can’t do anything but steam-or something to that effect. It was that inevitable melting away of the muscle tension which was so releasing. It helps me realize that I’m going to be o.k. throughout this. And you dear, helped me in that process. I thank you again for your work and support and am thankful that we share this space of community together.”

“I have been receiving massage for many years- Liz is my absolute favorite therapist. She is particularly intuitive and there is a quality in her touch that defies description. She is attuned to all aspects of the massage experience including the provision of a particularly safe and welcoming atmosphere.”

“I’ve been coming to Liz for excellent massage therapy for over ten years. She always listens and notes what is new in my life and body so that my massage is focused on where I need it most. Liz consistently adjusts her technique based on what she feels in my muscles, so that I am wonderfully relaxed and rejuvenated after every massage. She is a vital component of my physical health program, and I’m so grateful for her expertise!”
–Judy K.

“I trust you, you are professional and caring. I like that you start the session with checking in and that you have followed up about significant events in my life. I love all of the extras like hot packs, assisted stretching and stretches to do at home. I also love that the atmosphere is simple, cozy and grounding.”

What yoga students have to say:

“I don’t know whether you’ve actually taken a class with Liz Eisman, but she is magic. One of the best, most holistic yoga teachers (mind/body/spirit, insightful, intuitive, compassionate, skillful…) we’ve ever had. She totally, totally gets it. I even brought her in to work with corporate clients who are WAY outside their bodies, and they loved the experience, and her.”

“Your class is an oasis for me- I always leave feeling grounded and centered- aware that I am part of a larger whole. Thank you so much.”

“I’ve come to your classes for years because I love your teaching style, your warmth, and your humor”

“I am grateful beyond measure for a day that begins with your teaching. Ready with every breath for the next bloom.
–Jess, poet

“I appreciate your acceptance of where I am and your gentle words throughout class”

“Thank you so much for your wonderful class. I really connected to and enjoyed your style of teaching and felt comfortable with my limitations and also got a great workout. I was so relaxed after that I thought I locked myself out of my office but I had my key in my hand the whole time. I love that you bring your musings in, talking about the cycles of change and movement that we’re always going through. I’ll definitely be back for more.”
–Shoshana Beck, acupuncturist

“One of the things I always love about your classes is your ability to weave your theme into the practice in ways that make it even more potent to the class and also blend it into the wider picture of life.“
–Teacher in training

“I really appreciate your support, your presence and feedback. I’m very fortunate to have you as a teacher and mentor.”
–Susana Laborde, yoga teacher

What private yoga clients have to say:

“Liz has a genuine commitment to spiritual practice and helping others on their personal and spiritual growth. She has an empathic wisdom that allows her to work with her own issues as well as being an intuitive mediator, body worker and yogi. She is also committed to a kindness in her interactions with other practitioners. Her heart leads the way in her life and work.”
–Larry Christensen, Psy.D
“I especially like the way you facilitate communication by asking questions that take me to a deeper level of thinking about something. It seems I will comment on something and maybe just noticing it is a good first step, but often you’ll ask me a question that takes me immediately deeper and I don’t always have the answer, but a path to take a greater understanding.”
“I just wanted to send you a short update about our private lesson- it’s working! The key was to start me off TINY in the amount of time and poses. I light a candle before practice and just today I peeked into the jar that holds the extinguished matchsticks and there are well over a dozen. It feels so good to feel that momentum of my practice. Thanks so much for your good, manageable ideas and support.”

Praise from Living Yoga:

“You are one of the greatest ‘teachers of teachers’ that I have ever known. Thank you for leading by example with your deep svadhyaya and generous heart.” -Nora Perry, volunteer

“Thank you so much for your work with Living Yoga. I really appreciate what you have done for our continuing education series – we have better attendance, more community, increased support, and more information for the volunteers- you have helped make this possible. Thank you so much!”
-Amy Eaton, former executive director

“Thank you so much for your work to help make our recent teacher training a success. Your skills and talent are much appreciated by the students, the board, and the community. We look forward to working together into the future.”
-Living Yoga Board of Directors

“I really appreciate  how much you’ve given to Living Yoga, and to. me, over the years. It is part of me.” – Doug Sherman, volunteer

“Such deep appreciation and graditude for your beautiful heart and commitment to Living Yoga. Thank you for such a dedicated presence for so many years, and particularly during the past two, when yours and our capacity to serve the students we love has been so limited.”                 -Anna Marti, volunteer