Embodied Accompaniment

Somatic Coaching 

Somatic coaching is a body-oriented approach that helps to align physical, emotional, and mental states so you can be clear about your motivations and allocate your energy in beneficial ways. 

Our bodies are “built” through our lifetime, we are shaped by our unique experiences. Our muscles and tissues reflect our cumulative experience.

As babies, we arrive pliable, and malleable, and over time our dimensionality diminishes. The histories of our life impact our body structures, creating distortions. Sometimes our energies are minimized, instead of opening to the world of experience, we might brace ourselves for impact. Some people get smaller than they are, withdraw, or overexert themselves. Our individual responses are varied and discoverable, If we want physical or psychological changes to hold, we need to literally transform our shapes, to mold ourselves to the present.

Somatic coaching supports this holistic balance. Together, we explore body shaping, using the disorganization of old patterning to reorganize into present time.  Through dialogue, journaling, movement, & bodywork, coaching helps you to reorganize & reshape yourself from the inside out. If we learn to balance our body in length, width, and depth, we learn to enhance our power, passion, and expression. 

If you are interested in learning how to become a keen observer of your own experience and learning how to deepen your understanding of your body sensations and emotions, somatic coaching is for you. Join me on a discovery of uncovering how sensations, emotions, moods, narratives and world view are shaping your life. All services below are offered as additional menu options for your coaching sessions. 

Realization Process Meditation

The Realization Process is a series of meditative practices leading to embodied nondual awakening. Through sitting, standing, and moving practices, individuals can develop spiritual awareness, deepen their capacity for contact with themselves and others and reconnect with the world.  Moving practices support taking this embodied awake experience, attunement to fundamental consciousness, into the world.

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises)

Are you interested in finding more ease? Do you long to find freedom from everyday stress, illness, accidents, or trauma? If so, TRE® would be a wonderful tool for you.

Developed by Dr. David Berceli, TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) is a unique self-care tool used to release acute and chronic stress.

Designed to be a self-directed tool to help regulate and restore balance to the nervous system. It is based on the premise that we all have an intrinsic, physical drive to release tension and to recover from stress and/or trauma.

Throughout the TRE® process, you are guided to stay tuned into the present moment, to adjust the pace of your movements, and to maintain comfort. Individuals learn to listen to their body’s internal cues, to modulate their own experience, and to find ease within the process.

TRE® begins with a series of mild exercises that lead to tremor-like movements. Initiated by the Central Nervous System, the tremors manifest along a spectrum from very subtle vibration to more active rocking or shaking. The tremors free entrapments within the myofascial tissue of the body. The seven simple exercises used to initiate the tremor process are accessible to anyone- modifications can easily be made to accommodate individual needs or abilities.

TRE® is a safe and effective way to activate the Central Nervous System’s reflex to process, recover, and heal.

Reported Benefits of TRE® include:

Increased : • energy • sense of ease and calm • flexibility/range of motion • ability to manage life and work responsibilities • safety and presence within one’s body • ability to sleep

Decreased: • worry, anxiety • emotional reactivity • hyper-vigilance

Private Yoga or Mindfulness

Whether you are interested in healing from an injury, developing a private practice, or refining your yoga/mindfulness practice, a private session can help revitalize your intention. Liz is particularly gifted at listening, at following your movements, and at offering simple suggestions to provide ease for your body and respite for your mind. Her intuition and eye for subtlety make it easy for her to offer accessible refinements in movement and being.

Embodied & Empowered

Having trouble clarifying your thoughts or feelings? Want some support navigating a difficult conversation? Liz is skilled at deep listening and is able to create an environment that empowers people to connect with their inner wisdom.  She supports individuals and couples in identifying their most important concerns.  While conflict resolution can be challenging – especially when it involves people who are important to us – it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right support and strategy, it can even become a source of courage and leverage for continued growth. You don’t have to do it alone. I will be your advocate, ally and virtual support- I will have your back so you can step forward with clarity, confidence, and ease. Clients leave with increased clarity, strategies for self-care, and an action plan to ensure follow-through. Learn More About This Service

Massage Therapy

Collaborate with Liz to create a bodywork session that meets your needs. Check out the modalities page to clarify your available options.

Organizing & Decluttering

Facing our stuff alone can be overwhelming. Liz is skilled at supporting people to clarify their priorities and move into action to create space for what they want.  Having support while in process has implications way beyond just space organization!! 

Initial Sessions are two hours in length- just enough time to dig in without tipping into overwhelm!

“Liz is a trustworthy, exceptionally skilled organizer, and a steady presence during challenging times. We reached out to Liz after making the difficult decision to close our co-op preschool after 21 years in operation; letting it go felt daunting.

Liz has a strong aesthetic, an eye for detail, and a can-do attitude.  Liz was instrumental in efficiently sorting materials and compassionately helping us reflect on what might no longer be of value. Liz’s involvement and leadership made a world of difference! I am super grateful she shared her tenderness, time, and talent with us!”

        -Susan-Director & Teacher Hawthorne Family Playschool

“I could feel the energetic strings that tied me to my things, and I could feel the sludgy stuckness as I began to move things into boxes and out of my house. By becoming more of a witness to these unpleasant sensations, I discovered how quickly they would pass. And like a weather system moving in and out, the lightness and clarity I felt on the other side of my struggle was palpable.”


Liz has been the lead trainer for the non-profit, Living Yoga, and an adjunct facilitator for The Trauma Resource Institute.  She has led a variety of workshops and has mentored people individually and in groups. She is particularly skilled at identifying individual strengths and helping people find their authenticity in voice and style.

Embodied Accompaniment Session Prices

$125- $200

1- 2 hours/each

Public Movement Classes

9-10:00 am Fridays online through Unfold Studios

“Liz has an incredible, magical ability to perfectly sequence her classes. There is a poetry that works through her in a way that I have not ever experienced with another teacher. She always manages to weave an idea or concept through each pose in class, building both the physical and internal yoga to a crescendo. She acknowledges internal states throughout the practice and gives cues for staying connected internally. Her classes are some of the most powerful yoga experiences I have ever had. Frequently, I share what I experienced in class with several of my friends and peers. Her classes are highly attended and they have come to be a “community” atmosphere because of the intimacy she creates. Liz is one of the most gifted teachers I have come across in my yoga life. I have learned more from her in the last two years, than I have in my 15, or so, years of yoga. As the Director of Living Yoga, I would have an incredibly difficult time finding a replacement for her as a trainer. She is excellent, and has made our program strong, vital, and deeply impacting for the students we serve and our volunteers.”
— Amy