Peppermint Oil Has Many Uses

Peppermint has been used by many cultures through the ages and is grown in Australia, Europe, and North America. doTERRA’s peppermint oil is harvested from leaves of plants and it grown in the United States. There are so many practical uses of Peppermint Oil! When applied to the bottom of the feet, Peppermint creates a cooling sensation and often helps to reduce fever or impending headache. Its aroma is uplifting and invigorating and when used topically can be soothing to tired, sore muscles. Its cooling sensation is perfect for fresh breath, opening sinuses and clearing airways. Mixing a drop of Peppermint with a blend of other oils will also help the body absorb the constituents faster so it is an effective “driver” oil. What Are it’s Properties? Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-parasitic, Anti-septic, Anti-spasmodic, Astringent, Expectorant, Stimulant What Should I Use it For? To calm and relive stress To reduce fever To aid with colds and Flu To increase mental acuity To prevent insect bites or “traffic” To soothe sore muscles To open blocked airways To help the body absorb more efficiently Which Health Concerns Does Peppermint Address? Allergies, Asthma, Bronchitis, Colds and Flu,
Insect Bites,
Menstrual Problems,
Motion Sickness,
Skin Disorders,
Stomach Ache,
Toothache How Do I Use It? Aromatically- can be diffused of inhaled directly. For direct inhalation, place a few drops in your hands, cup them near face, and inhale deeply. Topically- because Peppermint is cooling & intense, it is commonly diluted by 1- 2 percent of a carrier oil. It can be applied to the bottoms of the feet, across the abdomen, on the chest, on the back of neck or applied to the temples. For bellyaches, dilute the oil and massage it directly onto the abdomen then apply a warm moist washcloth or other heat source.. Internally- can be taken on tongue or in beadlet form Precautions: Keep out of eyes and do not apply directly to the nose. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil to calm any skin sensitivity. Do not use with infants. Use with care during pregnancy.


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